Proseminar Visualisierung

Die Vorbesprechung für das Proseminar Visualisierung findet am 3.11.2011 um 10 Uhr im Büro B311 statt.

Competence Center “Virtual Humans”

With the beginning of April 2011, Chemnitz University of Technology has decided to establish an interdisciplinary competence center concerned with the topic “Virtual Humans”. The consortium consisting of working groups from work science, computer science (including my work group), medial science and process automation will head for achieving significant research results pushing the state of the art in the modeling of virtual humans.

Virtual Humans Logo

Aiming for new directions

With the beginning of October 2010 I have left the Visualization and Computer Graphics Laboratory of Lars Linsen. I am happy to go the next step as assistant professor for “Visual Computing” at Chemnitz University of Technology. My future directions include the building of the new Visual Computing Laboratory and search for new cooperations, especially in the fields of visualization, high-performance computer graphics, and practice-oriented visual computing.

Visual Computing Laboratory Logo

Airline Forum 2010

Last week i had a really nice day at the Airline Forum 2010, which is a conference hosted by Lufthansa Systems. Many impressive new things where presented.

I was invited to give an introductory talk to visualization. These talks I actually like a lot since you can really surprise people with nice and impressive pictures. A very famous picture, surely everybody in visualization community should know is the graph of Minard visualizing the march of Napoleon on Moscow. For me the birth of information visualization.

Minard’s famous graph showing the decreasing size of the Grande Armée as it marches to Moscow.
Minard’s famous graph showing the decreasing size of the Grande Armée as it marches to Moscow.

Hello World!

So here it is, my new homepage. I will keep you up to date with my work and current developments.

Best, Paul