EuroRV3 2013 Call for Papers

As promised in Vienna, EuroRV³ the EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization continues and will be even more exciting in 2013. This year we will have a special focus on Human-centered Visualization, see the call for papers for more details. Besides we still solicit contributions on recent and future developments related to the reproducibility of newly developed visualization approaches, the verification of visualization and data-processing systems, the validation of visualization paradigms, and the effective incorporation of each of these into modern visualizations. This year’s workshop invites short papers (4 pages without references, 5 pages including references) and panel proposals (2 pages). The submission deadline is March 8, 2013. All accepted papers will be published in the Eurographics Digital Library and selected papers will be published in a special issue of Computing and Visualization in Science.

All those who unfortunately missed last year’s event can still catch up with the electronic proceedings including slides and videos.